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The village at 540 meters high, is suspended between the valley and the Orria  to Cerreto. Its origin is uncertain, some think he was born at the time of the destruction of Velia, the sixth century. DC, the other the arrival of Byzantine monks, including the '726 and 842. Concerns also regarding the name that could be linked to the legend of a leader Lombard, who returned from Calabria, came to the plains of Casalvelino, not finding the wheat, he moved on ridges of Mount Stella which saw the hills dotted with crops and said <correa mea video> (see my barns), hence the name that became horrea Orria, or could derive from the Latin horreum, that barn. The country was devastated and decimated by the plague of 1656. Became autonomous only in 1806, incorporating centers Perito, Ostigliano, Piano and Vetrale. Visiting the old town cross the Palaces Gugliucci De Feo, and the other located in the Palazzo De Feo road that goes to Piazza Vittorio. Corso Umberto I can admire the stone houses that exhibit a plaque that overcomes a chapel in memory of the fallen of Vittorio Veneto and the former Town Hall, former House Pinto, the Municipal Museum of Rural Life, even the Arch of Old Fountain, the parish church of San Felice with the bell tower, the chapel of Santa Maria delle Grazie Church and St. Domenica. The village of Piano Vetrale holds the church of St. Sophia with its bell tower that is among the highest in the Cilento and the chapel of St. Anthony of Padua. Vetrale remains a symbol of the Old Fountain, the murals, the birthplace of the artist Paolo de Matteis, Tempa dell'Arenola, place of Marian apparitions in 1952, where stands a temple and the Basilian church of St. Elijah the Prophet. The landscape is dotted with ancient olive groves, vineyards, fig trees, gorse, holly, primroses, roses, violets and ferns. Lush forests are Scorzelli, Acchiucchi, Forest of Saints, St. Martin, St. Ginito and Heritage. Are among the typical cold cuts, cheese, chestnuts, figs, olive oil, jams and preserves. The main event is the Feast of St. Felice, carnival with parades of floats, the exhibition market of white fig of Cilento, the feast of the grain, the feast of St. Domenica  of Tropea, in the village of Piano Vetrale, S. Elia, S. Sofia and the event "the brush of gold.
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